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Relaaaaaaaax xDD

OH yeah, finaly, my exams are over!! x3 

I´m very happy about it, as i don´t have to study for more exams for now! xD -until selectivity TTOTT -


It´s just one day after my birthday! So i won´t be able to celebrate it till those exams are over! TTOTT -yeah, but when i´m done, i go partying all night long! (8) xDDD - and maybe i´ll get a piercing on my lip *___* -oh, i love those piercings xDDD - yeah!

I´m eager to move to madrid! x3 as i won´t be seeing my parets too often, i can do whatever i want xDD - yeah, i´l dye my hair and so on xDDD - 

Oh, i´m sleepy right now TTOTT -it´s ten past 4 in the morning xDD - but i´m listening to a tribute to phantasmagoria xDD -OMG, until now, all the groups have ignored KISAKI´s parts! O____o i can´t hear the bass!! wait... there´s no bass O_o U___U that´s not a good tribute! KISAKI´s the leader xDD -well, maybe it´s because i´m sleepy that i don´t hear it xDDD -could be there xDD - 

Well, i think i´ll go to get some sleep xDDD 

Tomorrow we´ll be joining again to "play" the guitars and bass x3  

Buuu~t before i leave, i´ll tell you that my friend Aura ningyobutterfly  and I have created a writing LJ ^^ 
it is cursed_sakura
</div>You´ll find only yaoi fics for now xDD 
And please, if you want to read the fics, you have to ask to be added to friends -there´s only one fic you can read without becoming one xD - sooo~ take a look at them if you want ^O^

See youuuu~

I´m not dead yet xD

Uf, I´m so busy with my exams... @_@ they´re driving me crazy!! >____< 

-yeah, and once again, I´m here, wasting my time TToTT - 

Well... there´s nothing new to be said xDD -except, maybe that this fruday is finally the graduation - that´s not the exact word, but I´m too lazy to look it up on the dictionary xDD - and... i haven´t got a jacket to put on xDD - yay, i´ve got my precious dress *___* - maybe I´ll show you  a photo xDD 

OMG, i´m getting more and more nervious >____< 

Tomorrow i´ve got a philisophy and chemistry test @__@ -which i won´t be able to pass, of that i´m sure... TTOTT - 

If I have to study all the summer because of that... teacher , i´m gonna do something crazy ¬¬ and she´s gonna remember me forever xDDDD 

Well,well... i think i´ll go to study for a while xDDD 

See you soon! x3

Madrid, I´m back! xD

Yayyy! x3

We´re travelling to MAdrid again this weekend! x3  

This is the first expomanga i´ll go to *___* -i´m so excited about it x3- because...

I´ll we wearing my KISAKI cosplay that took me so long to do! x3 

Well... it´s not identical, but... at least i´ve tried xDD -yeah, i´ll be carring KISAKI´s magical box xDDDD- 
I´ll try to make everybody sign xDD - i want that box signed! xD -just another more idiotic idea of mine xD-

I´ll leave the entry here, as i have to pack my bag for the great travel! x3

See you soon!


PD: i´m becoming aware that my English sucks xDDD

Oh ho hoho xDD

Now, I´ll try to upload my LJ more frequently xDDDD - yeah, but i have to learn how this works first xDDD - 

Aa~nd because i have to upload the philia-fics xDDD -that´s how i call them lololo xDDD-  maybe when i´ve written and translated more of them xDDD 


Yay! We´re going to Madrid!! x3 

I wanna go shopping! xDDD - so odd coming from me... xDD - but... i´m ganna have a COOL dress!! x3 - if not, some other thing xDD-  
And... well, i´m so ecited x3 xDD i wanna go now! xDD 

well, i think there´s nothing more for now xDDD 


Me ha costado entrar a mi livejournal,porque decía que yo no existía,pero mi flog estaba ahí puesto... xDD lol xDD

Sigo intentando hacerme al livejournal xDD porque en cuento me voy al de otra persona me pierdo xDD

En fin... no voy a poner más,porque a parte de que no sé qué poner,todo el mundo me está volviendo loca con que si queda o no o no sabe o está ete tú a saber dónde xDDD

ale ale xD

Nuevo diario! x3

Bueeeeno... he conseguido hacerme el livejournal,aunque todavía no tengo ni idea de cómo funciona esto... ^^()

También sé que el nombre es largo xD pero es lo único que se me ocurrió -que es el nombre del grupo de visual de mi historia... kurotenshi no uta xDD- y bueh... voy a ver si consigo acostumbrarme a usar esta cosa xDDD


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